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What is a druzy? Different Type of Druzy

What is a druzy? Different Type of Druzy

Today we’ll talk about natural druzy stone. There’s already many articles talked about the druzy in geology. So we’d like to discuss it in short.  Druzy, also named druse, drusy, druze or drusie is specifically mean to the small crystal layer on the surface of some stones or inside the geode. It can be occurred on different kinds of stones with various colors in worldwide, like agate, malachite, chrysocolla,or even rhodochrosite, etc.

chrysocolla malachite

                                                    chrysocolla & Malachite 


                                           Azurite   &   Rhodocrochite     

But the most common druzy or you can say druzy quartz or druzy crystal is the agate druzy. Agate druzy is white, small and sparkling which looks like sugar. Because agate druzy can supply in bulk quantity and good quality annually, so it’s been widely used in making jewelry. And it’s still has a part of market in north American or even worldwide after so many years popular in USA.

 agate druzy in geode

Agate druzy in geode

Where to buy druzy stones wholesale?

First we need to know where are the places of origin of agate druzy stone. Druzy can be occurred in worldwide. At present, most of loose druzy stones come from three countries. They are Brazil, Inida and China. So the main druzy jewelry supplies come from these countries either.  Indonesia also has nice agate druzy, but it’s not common used as the supply in short.  Because of the agate hardness is different, the Brazil agate druzy is the best quality of all three.

What are the features of druzy stone from different country?

Brazil has sufficient mines of many minerals. The brazilian druzy is very sparkling with flat surface, also it has the most various colors. It can be white, brown, purple, or black, etc. But the weakness is with black spots on it which most of customer don’t like.

 Brazilian druzy

Brazilian agate druzy

For the Indian agate druzy, the good point is it has clean white, but the druzy grains is very small, and the agate hardness are much more weaker than brazil druzy which means It may shred during production or daylily wearing. Even though most of Indian druzy stone are neither sparkling not hard like Brazil druzy, but the Indian local jewelry manufacturer still prefer to use local druzy stone instead of importing druzy stone from Brazil. 

 indian druzy

Indian agate druzy

Regarding this matter, China has different story. China was relying on importing rough druzy mineral from Brazil or Uruguay so many years. But in recent years, we found large mine of drusy quartz in the north of China. Comparing with Brazil and Indian, the average quality may not good as both of them. But it can supply huge demand with cheap cost and we can still discover the good quality druzy in it. Chinese druzy after selected, it can be very clean white and sparkling too. Of course the price is also pretty good.

 rough druzy crystal
 rought druzy quartz

Chinese druzy rough stones

But if the price is too low, you may have fake druzy as there’s many lab made druzy in Yiwu market from China. If you want to know how to identify the natural druzy VS fake druzy,  check our another article may help you!


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