Recently, some of my customers who purchased titanium druzy questioned me if those cheap druzy sell in eBay and Alibaba are real druzy.

 As a professional Druzy Jewelry manufacture, we are happy to show you what titanium drusy is, and how to tell the fake ones apart

Drusy (also spelled as druzy) stones have become very popular over the last few years, becoming an accepted genre of gems as prominent designers have won prestigious awards with jewelry featuring drusy gemstones.

Druzies are created by a natural process that forms tiny crystals on a matrix surface. The beauty of drusy comes from the sparkle of these crystals. Druzy formations can be created from various minerals but the most common are agates.90% of our product are made by Agate Druzy, 10% rest are made by Crystal druzy.

Natural Druzy

Druzies are beautiful in their own right, but they are often enhanced in a chemical process called Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD Origin from US) in which the druzies are exposed in a gaseous environment that contains a metal like titanium.

During the process the metal bonds on a molecular level with the mineral resulting in a spectacular rainbow of colors. By varying the metals and process parameters a host of colors and shades can be created. The most common compound used is titanium but others are cobalt, Silicone-Dioxide, gold, and silver.

The Faux Druzy in eBay and Alibaba most are made by resin and artificial breeding druzy.

Artificial Druzy

Fortunately, fake titanium drusy is rather easy to recognize. The paint used in the knock-offs tends to settle in the grooves of the drusy and evens out the surface, the crystalline structure looses in definition and sparkle. Another sure way to spot the fakes is to take a close look at the back and sides of the stones, fakes have straight edges and are some color in the back side.

Good quality druzy stones are beautiful, sparkling gemstone. Every piece natural druzy has its own texture.


Before & After Coating

No matter what, the price is your best guide. Read the feedback before you start purchase from an unknown seller or contact us.

I hope this guide gave you an insight into the Natural Druzy. Happy shopping!

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Melanie Main - May 27, 2016

I was not clear on your description of a fake druzy. If the back is the same color as the front and sides, does that mean it is real? But if back is a different color, then it is fake? And the bright pastels are fakes, yes?

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