Best Seashell Jewelry Supplier FOR 2019 Summer

Best Seashell Jewelry Supplier FOR 2019 Summer

Sea Shell jewelry had swept over the accessories market since for last summer. It made most of designers and fashion girls were fall in love with the look. Also, shell jewelry is more representative of the existence of summer. Therefore, we will discuss about fashion trend, history of seashell jewelry, production process and quality compare.

Fashion trend

 In today’s fashion, seashell jewelry has become the new favorite of the fashion industry; because it brings people the pure and fresh sense on the vision and collocation, and the produce is slightly simpler. Also, petite shells, delicate shells, seashell and cowrie shell are the focal points of new season necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Usually, it gives people a sense of luxury. Inspiration for designing seashells is everywhere, and they're perfect with everything from silk shirts and halter skirts to casual tailoring.

 The shell jewelry is usually made from seashell or cowrie, such as seashell earring, cowrie bracelets or cowrie necklaces, which they delicate and cabinet that recreational and easy, also can match together with pearl sometimes. There are few fashion styling tips.

 Wear a cowrie shell necklace with a white silk to or pair it with a sweater, which make the whole collocation gives a kind of decorous temperament. Therefore, cowries shell jewelry no matter in any seasons that is an indispensable ornament.

cowrie chokercowrie necklace

 (Photos from Karazawaanstra)

Seashell jewelry can be blended with different colors of clothing, such as the red and blue coat shown in the picture. The whole collocation also does not produce repulsive feeling and increased the personal aura.

seashell necklace

Cool wide-brimmed straw hat and pale orange strappy skirt, carry with a pair of seashell earring, that make the whole collocation gives carefree with relaxed seaside vacationing wind, and the seashell earring can serve as the pen that nods eyeball, which not show abrupt.

Expect for the traditional single necklace style, there are some common styles, which to mix and match. The seashell and cowrie shell, or other shapes of jewelry superposition, or to joined with some metal jewelry that create Chic coast wind and show their attitude. The superposition of the seashell necklace is perfectly suitable for wearing a word shoulder clothing or vest. These matches are showing a woman’s unique neck curve, charming and sexy.

This simple necklace with a seashell or conch as a pendant are versatile, casual, stylish and can be wear with any type of outfit.

As a necessary, the ring is also a fashion element. Seashell ring can be matched in the given situation, such as vacation, travel and beach styles.


Seashell bracelet can match with neckllace or ring together, which can fold like necklace build. It not only play with flavor of fashionable, but also contain a different region amorous feeling and the whole jewelry set had add a different color to white T-shirt.


History of Seashell and Cowrie Shell Jewelry

 Nowadys, seashell jewelry is extremely hot in the jewelry market, because it does not have too many miscellaneous production, it is an economic and practical jewelry, which can replace the expensive jewelry such as pure gold and silver.

In fact, the concept and popularity of marketing seashell jewelry originated in southeast Asia, where there are numerous seashell in the tropical region all the year around. When it appeared, they quickly became a common handicraft in all over the world, and the art graudally evolved into adding different colors and other ornaments on the seashell, with different textures and shapes. Thus, endows the seashell with the new life and uses. However, to make jewelry usually will use mollusk shells, which easily to produce and carving, also, it is become commercially produced in shell form.

In addition, althought the craze for seashell jewelry came from southeast Asia, the oldest seashell jewelry was found in Israek in the 1930s. At that time seashell jewelry was made by a name called ‘swolle nassa’, which part of the mollusk shells. So, seashell jewelry has a long history and gradually evolved into various styles.

On the other hand, the cowrie shell jewelry was found in the provice of benin in South Africa during the 15 century BC. The cowrie shell belongs to a group of marine gastropod mollusks, which is different from seashell. Africans like to use it to make different kinds of jewelry, but in the beginning, they only know used it to make handicrafts such as wind chimes. At the end, they gradually found that it could also made into jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Therefore, they belong to shellfish, but they have different history and exist in different places, after yje development of the past to noew, the market will appear diversified shell jewelry.

Production process for making jewelry

1. Cleaning

 Clean the surface with clean water and let it dry.

2. Polishing

 After cleaning, it need to polish coners of shell protuberance with grinding wheel. However, in the whole process of polishing, because the shell is relatively fragile, so have to pay attention to the strength control, which in order to prevent wear. If shell without polishing, when wearing it that close to the skin will cause abrasions.

3. Drilling

 Whether the seashell is made into a bracelets, ring or necklace, those needs to go through the steps of drilling. In this way, each seashell can be connected in series that to form a prodcuts. It is the steps, which closest to the finished product.

4. Plating

 We will plate a layer of gold or silver on the seashell surface, which can add color on the surface, make it more beautiful and shiny. Also, it can protect the seashell itself that was use in jewelry. The plating can prevent the corrosion of the seashell, in order to extending the use of seashell jewelry.


Quality comparison

 poor qualitygood quality

There are two pictures, the left one is come from other brand and the right one is our product. These differences in quality are firstly due to the use of seashells, such as natural shell or plastic shell. Secondly, it is the material of coloring and making method that will also cause the quality.

 For our product, all seashell products are carefully selected, and the seashell materials are natural seashells. In the process of selection, we will never use the broken seashells, because we need to make sure that the finished products are perfectly and worn seashells may scratch the skin. So, we scrutiny select the integrity of the seashells.

Normally, a natural seashell will have the texture and feel of stone. The hardness of the seashell can be felt with a few taps on the back of it and the natural seashell will have a glossy. Nevertheless, if the plastic or artificial seashells will feel light when we hold in hand, the back of the seashell will feel powdery and the color and sheen will not brightness.

 Moreover, we have strict control for seashell plating and edges. In our products, there will not appear leakage of the color of the seashell surface or inside, each edge is completely. Also, the seashell edge color that some manufactures produce will slowly fall off, but our products’ edge color can maintain for a long time, which indicates our requirements on the maturity of seashell edge technology and product quality.

 Furthermore, one question that some customers may concern about ‘will these products cause harm to skin’. We take responsibly to offer that all our seashell products are nickel and lead free, which can safety to carry and contact with skin. The products purchased by customers from our website are not including any harmful chemicals, and we ensure that the products are extremely safe for customers to wear it. It is well known that jewelry containing chemicals such as nickel, which can cause allergic reactions to human skin and even health problems. Therefore, we have been making great efforts on materials and colors to make sure all the jewelries are safe for customers to wear.

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