26" Gold Rainbow Natural Gemstone Perfume Bottle Necklace, 3mm Crystal Quartz Beads Roary Chain, Boho Jewelry Necklace HD0091

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  This hand-made cut natural stone perfume bottle necklace is very popular now, each perfume bottle can hold 1-2ml perfume or essential oil, exquisite appearance and special style are very suitable to be used to match clothes, at the same time, make oneself at any time with the moment send out charm, relax mood, reduce pressure, enhance confidence.

  There are nine materials:Clear quartz, lapis lazuli , amazon stone, green fluorite, color fluorite, topaz, powder crystal, amethyst, smokey crystal, etc.

  Crystal can bring luck to people, perfume can bring people confidence, so perfect jewelry, you really don't want to have one?

Metal: Gold
Gemstone:Natural Stone
Stone Size:12~24x10~18mm Thickness:12~29mm
Necklace Length:26"
The Necklace are lead and nickel free

Material: White Quartz